Manufacturing And Producing Herbs, Spices, And Botanicals

Manufacturing & Production

Shri Beni specializes in the manufacturing and production of herbs, spices, and botanicals. This process often includes drying, cutting, powdering, micronization, and sifting. We offer cleaning of ingredients including de-stoning, de-stemming and sorting of materials using an air classifier which will separate pieces based on size, shape, and density.

Separation and removal of metals from ingredients is also offered to help ensure a quality product. Ensuring your product is free of contaminants is our highest priority. All botanicals are processed in accordance with customer specifications. Finally, our packaging and shipping department protects your product and makes certain that it is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Milling is the process of cutting, grinding, or pulverizing a solid substance. We offer milling to produce almost any variety of cut. Cutting mills, hammer mills, and roller mills are all available so that we can customize your order. We have the ability to produce large cuts all the way down to fine powders, and the capacity to produce over two million pounds of spices, herbs, and botanicals each month. Simply let us know of your needs, and we can customize a solution.
We offer a heat sterilization process which will increase the quality of botanicals, herbs, and spices by reducing the microbiological load and producing an unadulterated product. This natural, in-house service uses controlled heat and enables us to meet the specifications of the customer. Dry heat sterilization and moist heat sterilization are both used depending upon specific ingredients. The sterilization process is essential when it comes to making sure our customers receive quality, natural ingredients.
Our facilities have ribbon blenders and tumbling mixers to create custom and proprietary blends of spices and herbs. We have the capacity to create blends from 110 pounds up to 3,30,000 pounds.
Herbs, spices, and botanicals are typically packaged in 50 pound units. We offer packaging in a kraft bag, poly bag, corrugated box, corrugated totes, and super-sacks. Contact Shri Beni to customize packaging that works for your business.